Welcome to Jacana Care Trust

The Trust is guided: to benefit the greatest number of individuals with the available funds; to encourage spiritual awareness, self-reliance, individual responsibility and concern for the need of others; to benefit disadvantaged individuals and communities particularly children (the educators and leaders of tomorrow) and the earning capacity of young parents (to break the poverty trap). Preference is given to females where the culture favours males. Results must be sustainable so that we can withdraw from funding after several years.

What we fund

The Trust has general charitable objects and makes grants to charitable bodies, rarely to individuals.

Our primary aim is to advance the education of deprived children and young persons below the age of 18 years throughout the world. In this respect, the major support though not exclusively so is of 3rd-world education.

How we fund

The Trust has a steady and rising flow of funds. However, we are always eager for additional funding to enable us to achieve more. A capital fund assures the future of our grants programme.

You can show your support for our causes by the generosity of your time and effort. Either make a donation or become a volunteer/supporter.

The Jacana or Lily-hopper is an aquatic bird with species found throughout the South hemisphere. Its long toes mean that it can walk on floating vegetation.